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The Beacon is an independent community newspaper with distribution in Dearborn, Ripley, Franklin and Ohio Counties in Indiana and Harrison, Ohio. Published since 1994, we are proud to be part of the Southeast Indiana region.
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PRINT monthly / annual
total audience: 21000 / 252,000
frequency: 12x / year

recipients: single family homes in the 4-county area

readership     95%
length of retention
     two weeks  48%
     four weeks 35%

reader demographics
male                    46%
female                 54%
average age        25-74
average income  $35,000-199,000

response to products or services advertised  77%

PO Box 4022
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025




"UCB has teamed up with the Beacon since its beginning. We are pleased to be a part of a publication that focuses on the same principle as our bank, serving our communities. We take pride in being a local business and supporting local businesses like the Beacon."
- Brenda Wheat, VP Operations, United Community Bank

The Dearborn County Fair was going through some changes and we needed to get this information out to the people of Dearborn County and surrounding area. Our budget is limited so we are glad that The Beacon could help us out and stay within our budget. We set record attendance and stayed within our budget thanks to Celeste and The Beacon.
- Duane Bischoff, President, Dearborn County Fair Board

Celeste works with us closely, guiding and helping us to maximize our potential in advertising and getting the word out about our events and activities. She takes the time to explain how things work or make positive suggestions so we can get the best return for our efforts.
- Natasha Bischoff, President Sunman Area Chamber of Commerce

"In my 33 years of business, I have only received positive feedback from advertising with The Bright Beacon. I wish I could say that our success is due to our creativity and knack for reaching consumers, but in all honesty I think it has more to do with trust. You the reader trust The Bright Beacon and their advertisers because of the integrity, loyalty and good will of the owner and publisher of this great paper. Thank you, Bright Beacon, for a successful partnership!"
- Jim Mansfield, Mansfield Insurance Agency

"Keep up the good work! It is amazing how many people in the community ask for more information about the real estate they see listed in our ad in The Beacon. It reaches the areas we specialize in. The Beacon is a great buy!"
- Dale Lutz, Cornerstone Realty & Lutz Auctions

"The Beacon - has been a wonderful resource for us to reach out not only to our current patients but also future patients. The quality of the content of the paper is outstanding, covering local sports teams, school events, and information on what’s happening all over Dearborn County and surrounding areas. I am proud to be an advertiser in The Beacon and would recommend this outreach to anyone.”
- David B. Argo, MD, Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

"We were amazed at the response we had from our ad in The Beacon! Foot traffic and sales increased in one weekend. We have seen a consistent increase in customers ever since. Our ad was eye-catching and professionally designed."
- Don and Debby Stutz, At The Barn Winery

“Since The Beacon expanded its distribution to new areas, my house cleaning company has had a noticeable increase in business. Even before the expansion though, I've continued to advertise for 15 years because of the great results I see every month.”
- Leesa Baldwin, Baldwin Residential Cleaning Service

“We started getting responses to our ad almost immediately. The Beacon covers the communities we wish to serve and is sensitive to our need to change the ad on short notice. There's no better advertising bargain than The Beacon!”
- Pastor Larry Nielsen, Integrity Gospel Church

"I have been using The Beacon for my small business for many years. I can't think of a better or more reliable source to get information to the base of customers who would need my services. I also believe in supporting our local businesspeople and friends."
- Maureen Morrison, Pampered Pets